Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fragrances of Nature

Have you ever noticed the smell of cement after it rains? Or the odd scent in the air right before it snows?

There are so many fragrances in nature that are lovely and interesting...

The heady scent of gardenias in the early evening.

The sweetness of pink jasmine at night.

The delicate perfection of a good rose.

Salt air at the beach.

The musty smell of old pine needles piled up and moistened by a morning rain.

Rock rose bushes, whose waxy leaves have a most wonderful scent.

A freshly picked eucalyptus or bay leaf, torn in two.

The pure freshness of an early morning.

Isn't it wonderful?


Bob Stein said...

Your words about smells took me places.

Thinking of the smell of fresh turned black earth, or the smell of sunny, wet river sand. Oak smoke. Crushed basil leaf.

I know it's off the nature theme but I started thinking of manmade smells too. The snap of jet-a fuel in a hangar filled with generations of good, important work. The bubble of shampoo breath that lets you know someone just put her hair behind her ear. The smell of elmer's glue dried and peeled from little pink palms.

Lorita OLeary said...

Wow! You are a talented lady. I look forward to coming back and reading more when I have a larger block of time. Did you take the pictures too?

JoJo Zawawi said...

Hi Lorita ! Thanks !! I took some of the pics that you see on the blog (not all).